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most popular courses this year

  • What Your Maintenance Team is NOT telling you but wants to - Brand New
    (Presented at TAA in Houston and NAA Apartmentalize 2022 in San Diego)

  • How to Find, Hire and Keep a Superb Service Team - Brand New

  • Trends in Personnel, Service, Tools, and Equipment - Brand New

  • Superb Service Operations and Team Culture - Brand New

  • Mastering your maintenance routines - Brand New

  • Communication - Say This, NOT that! An insightful look on phraseology and communication - Brand New

  • Leadership for Service Managers and Supervisors - insightful, empowering, authentic, and inspiring

  • Effective Service Operations - Always popular

  • Live, Grow, and Thrive - How to keep making positive changes and overcoming challenges - inspiring and motivational


CFC/HVAC Certification (The NEW EPA 608) CPO Certification (National) 2 day HVAC Fundamentals and Troubleshooting HVAC Intermediate Troubleshooting Electrical Fundamentals and Troubleshooting (Basic) Electrical Intermediate Troubleshooting and Repairs Plumbing Repairs Appliance Repairs Advanced Troubleshooting - some experience is required. Service Technician Development Safety For Maintenance - Fun and informative - New Life Cycle Of A Building - What to expect and how to prepare for maintenance services on assets by their age - New Trends In Maintenance - What to expect in the future for the Service Department and how technology will change in the next 5 years - New

Other Courses for Office and Service Teams

​Effective Service Operations – New – How to create, build and maintain a superb service team! What your maintenance team really wants to tell you but won’t. - New Leadership for Service Managers and Supervisors Leadership for Life  Live, Grow, and Thrive - How to keep making positive changes and overcoming challenges - New Maintenance for Managers Say this not that - an insight on communication and phraseology to improve service - New Communication Performance Train the Trainer Workshop Magnetic Customer Service and Work Order Management Silence in NOT Golden - How to get top notch service from everyone - a fresh new perspective in engaging customers and soliciting feedback - New Time Management for Multifamily - New DIY - Start Saving Money Tomorrow - best practices, products, and services - New Take Action - Personal Safety and Assault Prevention - VERY fun and engaging What every Manager should know about maintenance - New How to find, create and keep an amazing service team. - New

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